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HEY MOMS — your baby really can sleep!

Why doesn’t my baby sleep?  Too much milk; not enough?  Too much activity; not enough?  What about the atmosphere?  Could it even be spiritual?  Hmmm?

We are not told much in the Bible about the young life of David.  However, two things we do know is this:  he was a worshiper, a man after God’s own heart (his very name means “beloved”) and he was a skilled musician.  Two things I would love people to say about me.

Slide2As a musician and a  worshiper myself, one of my FAVORITE stories in the Bible is about David.  Apparently, King Saul was having trouble sleeping (you can read the fascinating details for yourself in I Samuel 16) — until the young David was brought in and simply played his music.  No words; just music.

“Whenever the spirit from God came on Saul, David would take up his lyre and play.  Then relief would come to Saul; he would feel better and the evil spirit would leave him.”  I Samuel 16:23

LET ME SHARE MY HEART:  I obviously do not understand the details of this story, but I do know the power of music.  I don’t understand why babies don’t sleep, but, again, I do know the power of music. (more…)

YOU Really CAN Learn To Play!


“I wish I could play the piano, but I’m too old!”  

“I wish I could play the piano, but with work and everything, I’m just too busy!”  

“I wish I could play the piano, but I JUST CAN’T…even after years of taking piano!”

“I wish I could play the piano, seriously, BUT…!!”


What’s the HEALTH of Your Worship Team? 10 Quick Questions to Find Out

obamacare-health-insurance-for-me-ftrA HEALTHY Worship Team has nothing to do with the size or age of the church, the popularity of the leader, the volume of the sound, the brightness of the lights or the number on the team.  Many of us have been to larger churches, yet have left disappointed with the worship.  Something was missing.  We have also been to other churches and knew it was right.  We couldn’t explain it, but somewhere in the fabric of the worship team was the favor and presence of God…and it was obvious.

What makes a Worship Team healthy?  What makes it right?  What do some teams have that others are lacking?

TAKE THIS QUIZ to help you find out the health of your team: (more…)

Help! My Pastor Is A Jerk

angryI KNOW, I KNOW — it’s not nice to call anyone a jerk.  Second, I am not writing this article with any one person in mind.  I’ve had great pastors in my career of almost 30 years. Lastly, I realize that ALL of us can have jerk tendencies.  Yes, all of us! However, for the sake of many people who are in rough situations, especially many worship pastors, we have to face the fact that sometimes even our pastors can be a…well, you know what I mean.  Help!! (more…)