Worship Arts Survey


In this 84 question survey, we will look into the following SEVEN different areas of your local church:

>> The Worship Team.  How do they function?  Do they even get along?  Are they motivated, consistent, loyal to the leader?  When the audience looks at the team, what do they see?

>> The Worship Leader.  Obviously, without a healthy leader, you will not have a healthy team.  It all starts and ends with the leader.  What does their spiritual life look like?  Growing?  Mature?  What do you think of when you see their family?  Their children?

>> Creativity.  A healthy team is a creative team.  If all you’re doing is performing “cover tunes”, you’re not fulfilling God’s design for your team.  When the audience see’s your production, is it something they could see at a thousand other churches in your area?  How creative are your arrangements?

>> Skill.  Someone with a “heart of worship” still must have the skill to lead others.  Is your team living up to their potential when it comes to the stage?  Do they have the skill of music, drama, dance, etc?  When people hear your music, do they know you’ve practiced?  Have you?

>> Spiritual Life.  A great program without the presence of God is simply that — a program.  Does your team know God — really know God?  What songs are being written out of the heartbeat of the team and their personal worship experience?  If God was removed from your team, would anything change?

>> The Senior Pastor.  It doesn’t matter the health of the team — if the senior pastor is out of order, so is the team.  When people see your senior pastor, what do they see?  How about their family?  Do people want to model their home life?  Are they passionate about the different ministries of the church or only those that affect the main stage?

>> The Church.  Is the stage strong, while other ministries of the church weak?  How about the grounds and building?  Stuck in the 80’s?

God’s desire for your team is to be HEALTHY!  A healthly Worship Department will grow, mature, create and experience all that God has designed them to be.  DISCOVER TODAY the HEALTH of your team today!

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