Worshipping In The Middle of Your Situation

As a worship leader, and a fellow worshiper, one of my favorite scriptures about worship is found in Acts 16, when Paul and Silas are thrown into prison — yet they still found reason to praise God.  I love it!

Here’s the story:  Paul and Silas were traveling missionaries.  They were peaceful, law abiding, and simply doing what God had told them to do.  They were not out to cause trouble, upset the people, or break any laws.  However, because of their obedience, they caused trouble, upset the people, and broke their laws. Read the rest of this entry

The Three “P’s” Worship Leaders Must Die To (Part Two)

In Part One of the “Three ‘P’s’ Worship Leaders Must Die To“, we learned that we must often die to the desires of our PASTORS.  God will honor us as we learn to respect and submit to their desires, learning to serve their vision first…putting them before ourselves.

Second, let’s look at our PEOPLE.  What are they like?  What are their moods and desires?  What’s your local culture like?  Are you living in southern Ohio, yet, acting as if your leading a southern California congregation?  Many times, I see  worship teams acting as if they’re Hillsong Read the rest of this entry

The Three “P’s” Worship Leaders Must Die To (Part One)

This past weekend I had the honor of standing up with one of my good friends as they stepped into the wonderful world of marriage.  As I walked around the hot streets of our hometown in my rented tuxedo, I was thinking about the time of my life, just a few years ago, when I was stepping into my new life with my bride…when EVERYTHING changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being married.  Seriously.  But I never realized the change that was coming.  I was older when I married; I was well established in my home, my car, my ways, my budget, my schedule.  However, after I fell in love, I became established in our home, our cars, our ways, our budget and our schedule.  I had to change.  It wasn’t always easy, as my friend will soon find out, but it’s always “right”.  It’s the way God ordained it:  two people coming together, dying to themselves, and becoming one — for the benefit of everyone.  I have to constantly realize that I’ve been called and equipped to “change” as I learn to serve my bride.

As a worship pastor, I must realize that I’m not only called and equipped to serve and understand my bride at home; I’m also called and equipped to serve and understand my other bride: Read the rest of this entry

BIG Money Fundraisers

I’ve never been a huge fan of fundraisers.  They always seem to be a lot of work, with little return.  I remember as a youth pastor watching my students show up at the annual parking lot carwash — 40 would show up, however, only about 5 or 6 would work.  The rest of the duties seemed to rest on the adult volunteers.  It didn’t remain that way through the years, but you get the idea.

Here’s a few creative ideas, however, that have worked for us: Read the rest of this entry

Leading a great practice

In the words of my old piano teacher, Mrs. Bedgood, and millions of other piano teachers out there today, “practice makes….”, say it with me:  “perfect”.  It’s probably a statement that has been overused, even to the place of loosing its value, but it is definitely the truth.  You will only be as good as your practice.

Here’s a few tips for a great practice: Read the rest of this entry

Becoming More Like The Jolly Green Giant

I don’t know why, but Will Sheridan, our youngest, is enamored with statues.  When he snags my iPad, he’s quickly looking up pictures of giants erected somewhere in the wide, wide world.  Maybe because they’re so enormous, seems powerful or something.  I don’t know.

For his birthday he received three pictures for his room (and he loved them) — the Vulcan (Birmingham, AL), the Statue of Liberty (NYC) and… Read the rest of this entry

5 Things Every Party Needs

I love to party!  It’s in the fiber of who I am  — I actually believe it’s in the fiber of everyone living.  If you don’t like a good party, it’s probably out of a wound from your jr high days, when you didn’t get invited to “the party”.  Don’t know…I’ll let you decide.

So…what makes a great party? Read the rest of this entry