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Why EVERY Pastor Should Purchase Their Worship Leader An iPad

I remember when the famous iPad was going to be released.  It was the big topic with me and my Mac buddies.  We couldn’t wait!  Of course, none of us could afford it, but it was still fun to dream of the day when we could.

However, knowing I couldn’t really afford or justify the purchase, I bought it anyway (with my wife’s consent, of course).  I knew I could always return it within 30 days, only paying the 10% re-stocking fee (it  would be worth $50 to have it for a month, at least).

You’ve already guessed it:  I never did return that machine.  I’m typing this post with it now.  I love it!  And I must say, every worship leader should own one.  However, since pastors always make more money than worship leaders, I suggest that they be the ones to bless their loyal side-kicks.  WHY?

1.  An iPad is so convenient.  Not the best reason, I know, but it’s so handy on a Tuesday night practice, for example, to pull out the iPad to download a quick song for the band, or even watch a YouTube version of the same selection.  It’s so convenient to have the Internet, your emailing files, YouTube, any song chart of your dreams…and about anything else to help you become a better worship leader at your fingertips.

2.  An iPad is perfect for a Read the rest of this entry

I Want To Be Buffed!

As I’m writing this, I’m watching my kids through the window of my home office — jumping, laughing, running…and just getting along.  They’re not aware of our status symbol, whether we’re in middle class, upper class, or any class.  They’re clueless to our situation in life, problems, finances, and issues.  They’re just…having fun.

Do you ever miss the days of just “getting along” and “having fun”??? Read the rest of this entry

Worshipping In The Middle of Your Situation

As a worship leader, and a fellow worshiper, one of my favorite scriptures about worship is found in Acts 16, when Paul and Silas are thrown into prison — yet they still found reason to praise God.  I love it!

Here’s the story:  Paul and Silas were traveling missionaries.  They were peaceful, law abiding, and simply doing what God had told them to do.  They were not out to cause trouble, upset the people, or break any laws.  However, because of their obedience, they caused trouble, upset the people, and broke their laws. Read the rest of this entry

Leading a great practice

In the words of my old piano teacher, Mrs. Bedgood, and millions of other piano teachers out there today, “practice makes….”, say it with me:  “perfect”.  It’s probably a statement that has been overused, even to the place of loosing its value, but it is definitely the truth.  You will only be as good as your practice.

Here’s a few tips for a great practice: Read the rest of this entry

What Is Life Really About?

Have you ever walked into a room, been at a party, or had a luncheon with a crowd — and you knew that you didn’t belong?  You couldn’t put your finger on it, but you just didn’t fit in.

That’s life without Jesus.  You never fit in. Read the rest of this entry

Why I Love Hillsong

First, let me say why I “don’t like Hillsong”:  their look, their sound, their extreme trendiness, their youthfulness, etc.  My love for Hillsong isn’t because they’re the “cool band to like”.  It goes much deeper than that.

I see many churches trying to get the look, the sound, the trend and the young faces of the Hillsong stage — hoping their success will soon follow.  And, of course, it doesn’t.

So…why do I love Hillsong? Read the rest of this entry

3 Things Worship Leaders Should Do Before EVERY Service

1.  Spend time in your own worship closet.  Jesus taught us to find our “prayer closet” — I want to encourage us to find our “worship closets” as well.  You can’t expect your people to do what you’re not doing yourself.  Get to the stage early, alone with your instrument; spend time with your favorite worship CD; enjoy the presence of God before you lead others there.

2.  Stretch — your voice, your hands, and your body.  We should take care of our voices, of course — warm-ups, breathing techniques, etc — our hands — practicing our scales, chords, etc.  However, I look at my worship set as a marathon as well — and I stretch for it.  I want to be in the best physical shape for whatever God has prepared for us.  You would be amazed how simple stretching exercises helps your mindset for the service or concert.

3.  Meet with the band, the vocals and the techs…EARLY.  When the audience arrives, the stage should be cleared…completely.  Sound checks are done, arrangements are practiced, batteries are replaced, strings are new, mics are set, drum heads are changed…you get the idea.  It is so unprofessional to walk into an auditorium while the preparations are still being made.

What else should be done before every service?