HEY MOMS — your baby really can sleep!

Why doesn’t my baby sleep?  Too much milk; not enough?  Too much activity; not enough?  What about the atmosphere?  Could it even be spiritual?  Hmmm?

We are not told much in the Bible about the young life of David.  However, two things we do know is this:  he was a worshiper, a man after God’s own heart (his very name means “beloved”) and he was a skilled musician.  Two things I would love people to say about me.

Slide2As a musician and a  worshiper myself, one of my FAVORITE stories in the Bible is about David.  Apparently, King Saul was having trouble sleeping (you can read the fascinating details for yourself in I Samuel 16) — until the young David was brought in and simply played his music.  No words; just music.

“Whenever the spirit from God came on Saul, David would take up his lyre and play.  Then relief would come to Saul; he would feel better and the evil spirit would leave him.”  I Samuel 16:23

LET ME SHARE MY HEART:  I obviously do not understand the details of this story, but I do know the power of music.  I don’t understand why babies don’t sleep, but, again, I do know the power of music.

After an extended time of prayer and fasting, I felt like God said to record a CD of music that would bring peace to the atmosphere — to the homes and bedrooms of people, just like you!  I’ve always been told that my music is so peaceful.

On the final two days of the fast, I sat in a small studio and played…and played…and played.

WILL IT REALLY HELP MY BABY SLEEP?  If my wife, and mother of three, would let me, I would guarantee it.  BUT since she won’t…I will let you try it FREE for a week.

If you want Bach or Beethoven, this isn’t the music for you.

If you want fancy runs, intense chords, or Liberace styles (you might not even recognize that name), this definitely isn’t for you.

PianoPeaceBUT if you want simple chords, easy to listen to melodies, and soothing sounds TO HELP YOU AND YOUR BABY SLEEP (no matter what age), you have found the right CD!

Seriously!  There’s power in the right music!  YOUR BABY WILL SLEEP!  (Of course, a full stomach and a fresh diaper will definitely help).

Try it FREE for 7 days HERE!  This free video version will download to your computer or any smart device.  It also includes scripture for your peace — music and the Word is powerful!

Try it FREE or purchase it on iTunes HERE…or anywhere fine music is sold!

PIANO PEACE // simple piano and soothing sounds to help YOU and YOUR BABY sleep.  My first recording in seven years (been building the Genesis School of Music @ http://www.GENESISalabama.com) and I can’t wait to share it with you and your little ones!  Enjoy!

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