What’s the HEALTH of Your Worship Team? 10 Quick Questions to Find Out

obamacare-health-insurance-for-me-ftrA HEALTHY Worship Team has nothing to do with the size or age of the church, the popularity of the leader, the volume of the sound, the brightness of the lights or the number on the team.  Many of us have been to larger churches, yet have left disappointed with the worship.  Something was missing.  We have also been to other churches and knew it was right.  We couldn’t explain it, but somewhere in the fabric of the worship team was the favor and presence of God…and it was obvious.

What makes a Worship Team healthy?  What makes it right?  What do some teams have that others are lacking?

TAKE THIS QUIZ to help you find out the health of your team:

  1. How would the worship team describe themselves?  (A) Honestly? Slackers.  (B) Could use some help.  (C) Motivated, most of the time.  (D) Ready and willing.
  2. What do you think the typical visitor to your church would say about your worship leaders stage presence?  (A) Maybe a little plastic.  (B) Very average.  (C) Maybe a little above average.  (D) Excellent and professional.
  3. If a total stranger heard your team’s music on iTunes, do you think they would consider a purchase?  (A) No.  (B) Maybe.  (C) Yes.  (D) Definitely and look for more.
  4. Which group could possibly describe your worship team?  (A) Pharisees – form of Godliness, but lacking the power.  (B) Israelites  – up and down.  (C) Church of Ephesus – maybe lost it’s first love.  (D) Church of Acts – not perfect, but definitely growing.
  5. If practice starts at 6:30, what time would it actually start?  (A) What practice?  (B) Who cares – just hoping everyone shows up.  (C) Maybe 15-20 minutes late.  (D) At 6:30, of course.
  6. After the worship set, do you feel like the team is engaged in the service?  (A) Not really.  (B) Honestly, it’s hard to engage in anything other than the worship set.  (C) Maybe after some time in the lobby.  (D) They definitely have an understanding and appreciation for the whole service.
  7. What would be your teams first thought of the worship leader?  (A) I would rather not say (they may see this).  (B) Stuck in the 80’s.  (C) Effective, but might need a reality check.  (D) Extremely impressed.
  8. What song would best describe your worship leader and their spouse?  (A) “I’m All Out Of Love”  (B) “Livin’ On A Prayer”  (C) “You Are Always On My Mind”  (D) “The Love Shack”
  9. How would the team respond if a “famous” worship leader or guest visited your church?  (A) Possibly faint.  (B) They would be embarrassed.  (C) They would be nervous, but would make it through.  (D)  Probably be a little nervous, but still be secure.
  10. What would be your first reaction if your were asked to give up your current worship position?  (A) I would probably leave the church.  (B) I would fight it – I deserve that position.  (C) I might be offended, but I would get over it eventually.  (D) I may not like it, but I totally trust the leadership.

ADD UP YOUR ANSWERS (A=1 / B=2 / C=3 / D=4) and find out your team’s health:  32-40 Excellent Condition; 25-32 Good; 15-25 Stable; 0-15 Critical.

No matter what your score, never forget that God has more — and he wants to share it with you and your team.  God’s desire for your team is to be HEALTHY — a group that will grow, create, mature and experience all that God has designed them to be.  And, NEVER FORGET, no matter the health, God is our healer!

Take the full 84 question survey here (or be bold and share it with your team) for a more complete analysis.

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