Pastors and Church Leaders…Need Help??

Slide1Everyone needs a coach — even the best of the best have them.  Do you?

One of my greatest joys in life is helping others to do what they love to do — worship…lead others in worship…develop their own teams and worship departments…and more!  It’s amazing what others see that you may not.

Here are some ways that we, the Exodus Group (our mentoring and coaching department) may help you:

WORSHIP TRAINING WEEKEND:  this has been our most popular event through the years.  This would include a one or two day workshop designed for your local worship department (whether you have five on your team or five hundred).  We would work on practice techniques, stage development, leadership, team structure, team unity, the what-to-do and what-not-to-dos…and more.

MUSIC TRAINING WEEKEND:  This would include a two to three day event, focusing on learning an instrument.  This is a popular option for churches because it’s FREE for the church.  Students pay a small fee for a 4-hour group session, guaranteed to teach them basic concepts on their instrument of choice — piano, guitar or voice.  By the end of the session, they WILL be playing!  THIS IS A GREAT ADD-ON FEATURE TO ANOTHER EVENT, helping pay for other options.

MUSIC SCHOOL TRAINING:  This would be a mentoring weekend, where we would help you start your IMG_0964 11-42-59own Music School.  In just three years, our Genesis School of Music, located in Birmingham, AL, has grown to over 100 students, and has developed into the private AND public school systems.  We have seen amazing success, and it keeps growing!  For more information,

KIDS WORSHIP CRUSADE:  This would take the place of the old-fashioned VBS.  This would be a three-five day event, where kids would come together for teaching, music, fun and games, centered around worship.  Over the last 20 years of ministry and training, this has been my personal most requested event.

SPECIAL WORSHIP SERVICE:  Call today to book a special service of worship, leading and teaching.  We would also request to meet with the worship department over breakfast or lunch, or even an evening session.

CALL TODAY for more details @ 205.207.8776.

About Stan Sheridan / Genesis Group

Worship Leader. Singer. Songwriter. Teacher. Has appeared on the largest stages in the the smallest classrooms down the street. Founder of the Exodus Group -- equipping teams, churches and leaders to worship and the Genesis School of Music -- equipping students for the stage. For more information, call 205-661-8410

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