Why EVERY Pastor Should Purchase Their Worship Leader An iPad

I remember when the famous iPad was going to be released.  It was the big topic with me and my Mac buddies.  We couldn’t wait!  Of course, none of us could afford it, but it was still fun to dream of the day when we could.

However, knowing I couldn’t really afford or justify the purchase, I bought it anyway (with my wife’s consent, of course).  I knew I could always return it within 30 days, only paying the 10% re-stocking fee (it  would be worth $50 to have it for a month, at least).

You’ve already guessed it:  I never did return that machine.  I’m typing this post with it now.  I love it!  And I must say, every worship leader should own one.  However, since pastors always make more money than worship leaders, I suggest that they be the ones to bless their loyal side-kicks.  WHY?

1.  An iPad is so convenient.  Not the best reason, I know, but it’s so handy on a Tuesday night practice, for example, to pull out the iPad to download a quick song for the band, or even watch a YouTube version of the same selection.  It’s so convenient to have the Internet, your emailing files, YouTube, any song chart of your dreams…and about anything else to help you become a better worship leader at your fingertips.

2.  An iPad is perfect for a cleaner stage.  Before the iPad, I kept a three ring binder packed with charts, about the size of my first 78 Chevy (I should have never sold that car).  It was huge!  Hundreds of charts ready at any moments notice.  It barely fit on my stand, though (and I had one of those expensive heavy duty stands).  However, with the iPad, I don’t even need a stand.  It lies on top of my keyboard, or attached to a mic stand.   It definitely makes a better impression when the audience can actually see the worship leader, instead of a three ring binder  with about 27,352 pages hanging out and dangling from their old black band stand.

3.  An iPad could bring some organization to your life.  All of my charts are in iBooks, as well as many of my important files.  All of my dates are stored in my calendar, with an alarm on each item to remind me of the upcoming event (including the birthday of my generous pastor).  All of my contacts are within seconds, stored neatly in my contact app.  Also, one of my favorite apps, SongSuggest, will bring up several thousand ideas at the end of a great sermon.  And this is just the beginning….

4.  An iPad is another way to keep in touch  — even in the middle of a worship set.  Download about any texting app, and your pastor, your sound tech, your spouse, your mom, a bored jr higher…anyone…can get in touch with you.  If my wife needs me, for example, she can text my iPad and it will immediately be displayed on my  screen.  A great tool to communicate, even in the middle of “Heart of Worship”.

5. Finally, Pastors, buying your worship leader an iPad is just a nice thing to do.  What a great way to say thanks.  Your worship leader serves you, loves you, honors you, backs you up…and more.  If not, then maybe a great gift like an iPad will help you out.  Come on, be a champ!

[Editors note:  Pastor Tim, this is not intended for you.  You are a great pastor, and I already have an iPad.  However, my wife would love one].

What are some other reasons you might “need” an iPad?

About Stan Sheridan / Genesis Group

Worship Leader. Singer. Songwriter. Teacher. Has appeared on the largest stages in the nation...to the smallest classrooms down the street. Founder of the Exodus Group -- equipping teams, churches and leaders to worship and the Genesis School of Music -- equipping students for the stage. For more information, call 205-661-8410

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