The Three “P’s” Worship Leaders Must Die To (Part Two)

In Part One of the “Three ‘P’s’ Worship Leaders Must Die To“, we learned that we must often die to the desires of our PASTORS.  God will honor us as we learn to respect and submit to their desires, learning to serve their vision first…putting them before ourselves.

Second, let’s look at our PEOPLE.  What are they like?  What are their moods and desires?  What’s your local culture like?  Are you living in southern Ohio, yet, acting as if your leading a southern California congregation?  Many times, I see  worship teams acting as if they’re Hillsong, yet, their congregation isn’t quite ready for the latest Hillsong cover song.  We must recognize where we are, and learn to lay down our desires to meet the desires of the people.

Just last week I was leading worship for a congregation miles from my own — in many ways.  My local church is a younger, more contemporary crowd; they were an older, traditional crowd.  My people enjoy and desire the latest song released; they enjoyed the older hymns and choruses.  Within minutes before the worship began, I had to change my desires and wants immediately, and understand these people, and the heart of God for these people.  I sang older songs and hymns; I shared stories about my kids and family; I talked about the stories of “old” — and I lead them to the throne of God.  The end result was the same as with my local congregation:  we were in the presence of God.  It’s not about what I want, It’s about the people.  I’ve been called to serve.

However, before I go on, let me balance out this thought.  God may be wanting you to lead your people to a place that may not be comfortable for them.  Be willing to take them there — while staying humble, submitted to your leadership, and pure in the presence of God.  Bottom line:  we are called to serve, even when it seems uncomfortable for all involved.

Finally, let’s look at our PROGRAMS.  You’re submitted to your pastor, you understand your people, and now you’re looking at the sunday morning line-up.  Ask a few questions:  what is the heart of God for this season of your church?  or even for this moment of worship?  You may want to dance, but God is wanting you to be still.  You may want to war, but God may desire worship.  I am a strong believer in the “list” — being prepared and having an idea of where we’re going — however, we must always stay open to setting the list aside.  For example, I have already set the order for this sunday morning, and it is very different from last sunday.  Last week, we spent most of the service in intimate worship, yet this week I am sensing high praise.  However, once I am in the middle of it all, I must be open to where God is at the moment, as well.  Practice hard, be prepared, and be ready to change in a moments notice.  Let’s make sure that our program is where God is.

Finally, it may not always be easy understanding the heart of God, or to lay down our desires and wants in order to serve his bride.  However, it’s always worth it!  Remember the words of Christ, the servant is always the greatest in the Kingdom.  The servant always wins!  So…this week, this sunday, today, I encourage you to serve, whether you have one bride, or two.

What are some other areas that we might need to learn to die to?

About Stan Sheridan / Genesis Group

Worship Leader. Singer. Songwriter. Teacher. Has appeared on the largest stages in the the smallest classrooms down the street. Founder of the Exodus Group -- equipping teams, churches and leaders to worship and the Genesis School of Music -- equipping students for the stage. For more information, call 205-661-8410

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