Worshipping In The Middle of Your Situation

As a worship leader, and a fellow worshiper, one of my favorite scriptures about worship is found in Acts 16, when Paul and Silas are thrown into prison — yet they still found reason to praise God.  I love it!

Here’s the story:  Paul and Silas were traveling missionaries.  They were peaceful, law abiding, and simply doing what God had told them to do.  They were not out to cause trouble, upset the people, or break any laws.  However, because of their obedience, they caused trouble, upset the people, and broke their laws.  Or that’s what the Philippian people said.  Therefore, they were unjustly captured, stripped, beaten, and thrown into prison — inner dungeon with their feet clamped into stocks.  Yet, within hours, they were worshipping.

Worshiping?  This makes no sense!  Why worship when nothing is going right.  If anyone had reason to be a little frustrated, it was Paul and Silas. They were naked, alone, falsely accused, hurting, cold, hungry…and on and on.   So why worship?  It’s tough for me to worship when I’m simply having a “bad day.”  Why worship?  Because they had learned what I am still trying to learn:  worship has NOTHING to do with me — and EVERYTHING to do with God.

No matter what situation I find myself in, I worship.  The bills may be late, the kids may not be acting like they should, people may be getting on that “last nerve”, and my boss may not understand — yet, I can still worship.  Seems almost crazy, doesn’t it?  Why should I worship when things aren’t “fair”?  Because worship has everything to do with the WORTH of God, which NEVER changes.  My situations change, my circumstances change, my conditions change — but God never changes!  “For the Lord is always good.  He is always loving and kind, and his faithfulness goes on and on….”  Psalms 100:5, tlb

When you think of worship, think of “worth-ship” — simply responding to the WORTH of God.  How is this done?  Through every detail, every situation, and every moment of everyday life.  Through music, meditating on the Word of God, working hard, being a person of integrity, loving others, being a good parent, giving to others — everyday life.  In all things, at all times, I worship.  No matter what others do, I worship.  Even if no one understands or even agrees, I worship.  And as I worship, everything changes.  It did for Paul and Silas (read about it) and IT WILL FOR US!

Make a decision with me today — no matter what, say it with me, “I will worship”.

What’s another great Biblical example of worship?

About Stan Sheridan / Genesis Group

Worship Leader. Singer. Songwriter. Teacher. Has appeared on the largest stages in the nation...to the smallest classrooms down the street. Founder of the Exodus Group -- equipping teams, churches and leaders to worship and the Genesis School of Music -- equipping students for the stage. For more information, call 205-661-8410

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