5 Things Every Party Needs

I love to party!  It’s in the fiber of who I am  — I actually believe it’s in the fiber of everyone living.  If you don’t like a good party, it’s probably out of a wound from your jr high days, when you didn’t get invited to “the party”.  Don’t know…I’ll let you decide.

So…what makes a great party?

1.  Develop a plan of action.  A pizza and a movie is not enough — it takes work.  Think about it:  even if the movie is awesome and the pizza was delicious, this was an event you could have had alone.  There was no memory made, no interaction with others, no reason to want to do it again.

Get a plan — google great party ideas; think about parties you’ve been to in the past that were fun, and ask why?; talk to your friends about what they like about get-togethers….  Bottom line:  anything worth while takes a “while of work”  (like my quote??  let me know in the comments below).

2.  Get creative with the food.  Unless you’re hosting the jr high party from above, a few bags of chips and pop isn’t creative.  (Do you remember when you were in Jr High where anything to eat with friends was awesome — especially when it was free!?).

Here’s a couple of creative food ideas:

Mexican stack:  this has been a hit around our home for years.  It goes a long way and it’s not too expensive.  It’s a win, win.

It’s a simple and creative version of a taco salad, except it’s served with chili.  You take all the ingredients and “stack them up”.  Here’s the basic stack:  start with the chips, on top of that, lettuce.  Then…rice, chili, cheese, and etc.

With mexican stack, people can have the entire “stack”, or they can choose a basic salad, or just a bowl of chili — with no extra preparations on your part.  Again, win, win.

A fruit and veggie night:  have your friends get creative with a healthy evening of fellowship and fun.  You would be surprised at the many ideas out there for creative healthy snacks.  Offer a door prize for the most creative.

A chili cook-off:  another creative and easy night for everyone.  And, again, offer a door prize for the best chili (have the guests vote).

Bottom line:  people enjoy creativity; it sets your party above the rests.

3.  Make a moment.  People don’t remember parties, they remember “moments”.  Let me explain:  Being raised around a small church, and in the Sheridan household with a mom that loved people, I’ve been to hundreds of parties in my life.  Probably, thousands.  However, the times I remember weren’t the evenings, but the moments created during those evenings — singing around the piano, playing spoons at the kitchen table, praying with my friends about a certain concern, the party with the huge backyard volleyball game.

During the last few months, the moments I remember at parties we’ve attended was the hayride with my family, singing around the campfire, playing that “one game” at the Britt’s hotel where everyone was a winner….

These are all creative moments that none of us will soon forget — some were spontaneous, but many were extremely planned.

4.  Invite the right people.  There’s some people that just bring life to any party (I want to always be one of those people — don’t you?).  Not only invite them, but ask them to help you host it.  They’ll have great ideas — and, trust me, they’ll love to share them.  You can even hire in a special guest for the kids, like a clown or a magician.  Even the adults love a good magician.  The right people will more than likely bring great moments and memories to any event.

5.  Make it all about your guests.  Haven’t we all been to the party where the host was more concerned about how they appeared, than how you felt.  I don’t know exactly how to say it (kindly, that is), but you know what I mean.  I want my home to be clean, the kids rooms to be picked up, the bathrooms to sparkle — but I want to be the kind of host that is WAY more concerned about making my guest feel special, instead of the loser who makes it all about me.

I learned this from my mom:  our home was the smallest, the furniture the oldest — but our kitchen was always, always the busiest.  People loved to be there, because they knew it was all about them.  They felt special.

Never forget that the most important person in ANY relationship is ALWAYS the other person.  Make it all about them and they will always remember your party.

In conclusion, be prepared, be creative, be yourself, be kind…and have fun.

What are some other creative party ideas?

About Stan Sheridan / Genesis Group

Worship Leader. Singer. Songwriter. Teacher. Has appeared on the largest stages in the nation...to the smallest classrooms down the street. Founder of the Exodus Group -- equipping teams, churches and leaders to worship and the Genesis School of Music -- equipping students for the stage. For more information, call 205-661-8410

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  1. Never forget, tea parties for girls… And you must have the crowns!

    I remember many times spent at the Sheridan home as a young girl.

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